Walking the Walk not just talking the talk

You might think we run our business differently than we suggest you run yours. We're a small business too. We practice what we teach. We have a distributed team, hybrid services, and multiple work sites. Some of our sites are spare rooms and home offices. We find that this adaptation to our changing culture has improved every dimension of our business. The systems and processes we recommend are those we rely on ourselves because they enable us to Work Anywhere, Spend Smartly, and Avoid Surprises.

Cafe Scene

Our business is our people, and we are:


It's easy to enjoy work you do well. Professionals in technology understand that this is a practice one cannot perfect, so enjoying the process of learning to meet new challenges our work presents is critical. We're a collaborative: we believe that the rising tide raises all boats and don't fear sharing what we have learned. No Surprises


We started doing this work because we liked the way learning satisfied our curiosity. We continue because the cycle of teaching and learning is gratifying and great for everyone involved. Our experiences hone our best-in-class small business solutions with every interaction. And we often grow as humans in the process. Cafe Scene


We have lives outside of work and celebrate that balance. Work is not family and shouldn't be mistaken for it. However, we do enjoy our colleagues and customers. Naturally, we find joy in sharing family highlights at work in much the way we share work wins at home. It seems to us that's how great communities work. Fun Outside