Managed Service Provider with an emphasis on Service

We're an unapologetic boutique managed provider. We provide technology services to small organizations with nine to forty-nine people that prioritize the quality of service they receive. We know each customer individually, and while we do use a standard toolkit, we use it to craft fit-for-purpose solutions for the needs of each location and industry specialization. Inquire to start a conversation about how our model can improve your performance.

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How does our managed service work?

All Inclusive

We call it plug-to-printer support. Our model works because you have a one-stop shop for support of your desktops, on-premise and cloud applications, and security. Never wonder where to get help, and quit worrying about making good technical decisions. We will plan together how you'll adjust to competition and technology, and map out upgrades and expenses where they make sense. You can manage your Total Cost of Ownership and still get great support from trained, career technologists. Planning Counts

Remote Focused

The days of the onsite helpdesk guy have waned. In part, this is due to an increasing number of cloud services, but in fact it is both more efficient and (our surveys suggest) better quality. Labor costs erode technology budgets, so we organize and plan for remote-first work. Site visits can be largely eliminated with good planning and occasional "helping hands" onsite. We will visit for complex work, but we will do the rest without the schedule inefficiency, high cost, and environmental impact of travel. Remote Work

Strategic Expertise

We're selective about our people. Talent in technology grows up and clusters around universities that educate and large companies that employ. Most of you are not in these places. So we source talent wherever they live in the US to provide great subject experts. Whether they're happy where they are, or if they crave a change in location and lifestyle, we offer great work with good people with few limitations on locations. You benefit from exceptional support when and where you need it from real experts. Fun Outside