Professional Services when you need them

Our most experienced professionals add insight and expertise when managed support requires escalation for unusual challenges. When they're not helping fine-tune Managed Services, they stay busy with implementation, integration, and software projects. The blend of work ensures we can provide enterprise-class networking, security, and development in a small-business form factor without sacrificing how we attract and retain our talented people.

Team Heading In...

How do Specialist Services fit with Managed Services?

LEAF Projects

Survival of the fittest favors evolutionary change over revolutionary change. Our team helps you expand into new markets and adapt to technology in stride. Planning projects that Leverage Existing Assets First (LEAF) through their expected end-of-life allows you to evolve smartly, avoiding volatility that upsets employee work and erodes customer confidence. Our specialists fit hand-in-glove with our support team to meld system selection and implementation into your Managed Service, so you can continue to Work Anywhere, Spend Smartly, and Avoid Surprises. Planning Counts


Most systems eventually come to a point where they need to be replaced. Even if a new system does the same job in much the same way, moving and modifying your data to retain your valuable customer and financial history is a special effort. When you want to add a new system to expand your capabilities, or want to make a change to take advantage of a new system as your business grows, our team takes charge of the details. There is often an entire ecosystem of processes attached to primary systems that we will help you identify and reintegrate smoothly. Activity Based Integration


There seems to be an App for everything, so many customers are surprised that other small businesses choose to build custom software, or customize commercial software. We first help our customers justify that the performance improvements and license cost reductions are worth the expense and maintenance. We then use an iterative development approach that continually engages those that will use the software to steer its progress by informing our team. The end effect is software that meets your needs and your objectives, whether those are focused on cost, performance, or schedule. Fun Inside